We are an Authorized TFC Dealer

For the Overseas Filipino who is always on the move but is constantly in touch with his Filipino sensibility. For the weary Overseas Filipino who lives life in the fast lane, there is a ubiquitous Kapamilya who always keeps up with him – offering him a much needed break wherever, whenever he needs it. An empowered Filipino always has a choice even in the way he consumes content. Get your subscription now. We are an authorized TFC Dealer who services Minnessota and other US states.

TFC Everywhere

Now all TFC Premium Subscribers can enjoy and watch the same movies, television shows, music videos, sporting events, news and other TFC shows from anywhere – on their TVs at home, plus on their laptop, tablet and cell phone. TFC Everywhere, at NO EXTRA CHARGE! (Limited online programming due to online rights)

TFC Everywhere lets you catch up on shows you missed without having to be home. You can say goodbye to the hassle of setting up your DVR.

TFC Everywhere expands your viewing experience without having to be home. It’s your TFC on-the-go, any time, any place, in or out of home.

TFC any screen

Full Four-Screen Experience: TV, Tablet, Cellphone, Computer

For Premium Subscribers, choose the device that suits your TFC viewing needs. Expand viewing experience beyond TV.

TFC any broadband

Works over any broadband connection (wired/wireless)

View TFC programs anywhere for free as long as viewing device is connected to high-speed internet.

TFC Robust programming

Robust TFC program selection and archived library

Instant access to the latest hit TFC shows TFC teleseryes and TFC classic programs. Complete archived episodes from 1st to latest. Contact a TFC dealer now!

TFC play anytime

TFC VOD functionality

No more missed TFC shows or episodes! No need to set up DVR to record favorite programs. No need to be dependent on programming schedule.


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