TFC Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available packages that you offer with the new TFC-IPTV?

There will be total of 7 subscription packages to choose from:

  1. TFC Premium
  2. TFC Plus (+ BRO)
  3. TFC Plus (+ COG)
  4. TFC Plus (+ Lifestyle)
  5. TFC Lite
  6. TFC Live
  7. Lifestyle

What is the channel content of each package?

Channels for packages can be viewed here.

What is Premium Package?

  • This package has the complete content that carries all Channel Offerings: TFC, ANC, Radio Channels, BRO, COG, Lifestyle and KARAOKE channel.
  • Subscribers under this package can view their programs through Linear (live streaming) viewing and can also catch up all missed shows through VOD (Video on Demand)
  • Subscribers can get a weekly program schedule of all Live Channels by looking up the EPG in the Main Menu.
  • This package also allows subscribers to access all current episodes and archive content on VOD
  • Subscribers can also purchase and enjoy recent Filipino Movies & Sports events under the PPV feature
  • Access to TFC even when subscribers are not at home through TFC Everywhere

What is Plus Package?

  • This package addresses the need for TFC plus an add-on Channel depending on the need of the subscriber.
  • The subscriber continuously enjoys TFC and now has the “choice” to enjoy another Channel
  • This PLUS Package comes in 3 choices:
    • TFC + Sports/Shut-Out Entertainment (BRO)
    • TFC + Movies/Teleserye Classics (COG or Cinema One Global)
    • TFC + Food, Home, Travel and Self (Lifestyle)
  • Plus package also have access to PPV

What is Lite Package?

This package is positioned (but not limited) for the existing Cable and DirecTV subscriber with DVR subscription. This is now better positioned for the switch strategy as the viewer can still watch his/her favorite TFC programs on “LIVE” format. However, in case the subscriber missed the program schedule, then they can still “CATCH UP” by watching the program through its ON DEMAND feature.

What is Live Package?

  • This package is aimed at segments who want linear viewing experience for TFC (i.e. existing cable subs).
  • The package is also positioned for price sensitive HHs in areas where TFC is not available on cable or for those who subscribe to DISH.
  • This package will not have any VOD content. This is purely a live stream service.

What is Lifestyle Package?

Lifestyle Network is the latest premium channel from TFC. It is a channel created for the US market featuring programs that provide personal improvement, individual empowerment and expansion of one’s world.

What are the types of shows that you can watch on Lifestyle Network?

The channel features show that focuses on the lifestyle pillars of Self, Home, Food and Travel.

Is News Package still available?

The news package is no longer available as we include the news channel under all Packages.

What is TFC Everywhere?

  • TFC Everywhere is value added feature offered to TFC IPTV subscribers who availed a Premium Package subscription.
  • Subscribers can watch the same shows and movies on their home TV anywhere they go using their laptop, ipad, iphone, tablet, mobile phone or tablet – at no extra charge.

What is new with TFC- IPTV?

  • Additional subscription packages were added that will surely suit our subscriber’s budget, viewing experience and programming needs.
  • The Main Menu Content line-up will change.
  • With the new design, some shows/programs will move from one Channel to another.
  • We’ve also added additional packages to choose from that will suit your budget and programming needs.

How much is the subscription fee for TFC-IPTV?

There are 7 packages that you can choose from. The subscription fee will depend on the package that you’ve availed.


Subscription Fee

TFC Premium


TFC Plus (+ BRO)


TFC Plus (+ COG)
TFC Plus (+Lifestyle)
TFC Lite


TFC Live





How long do you store your programs in VOD?

  • Teleserye: 30 days after end of Program then move to COG Teleserye Classics
  • Remove from teleserye Classics after 1 year (CURRENT)
  • Daily Programs: 14 days (CURRENT)
  • Weekly Programs: 4 episodes (NEW)
  • News: 14 days (CURRENT)

Can I request for Cancellation of service anytime?

There will be a 1 year lock-in period once you subscribe to TFC-VOD. Subscribers within a LOCK-IN period have to pay for the cost of the STB amounting to $125.00 if service is cancelled within the contract. No pro-rated amount will be deducted based on their remaining unused days of service.

Do I need to return the STB if I cancel my service?

Yes, customers are required to return the STB in the same working condition as when it was received from us, normal wear and tear excepted. We will send postage prepaid, through which subscriber must return the STB to our office.

What will happen if customer failed to return the STB?

If customer fails to return the STB within 21 days after service cancellation, a $125 will be charge to customer representing the cost of the STB.

Downgrade And Upgrade Subscription Policy


  1. Change of plan upgrade is allowed anytime (move from lower subscription package to a higher priced one)
  2. There is no limit to number of upgrades that the subscriber can avail
  3. There is no contract extension when service is upgraded
  4. Pro-rated subscription credit memo for the old package and pro-rated invoice for the new package availed will be created on change of plan


Service downgrade is not allowed during the lock-in period (move from higher priced subscription package to a lower priced one)

Package Switching Policy


Change of plan with similar monthly subscription fee is allowed once every calendar month (eg. Plus BRO to Plus COG or Plus Lifestyle – $22.99)

Can a subscriber Switch Content Package plan?

A subscriber can switch to any derivative package of similar MSF by calling the Call Center. For purposes of clarification, a subscriber can switch from TFC + Lifestyle to TFC + BRO without any effect on his contract.

When will be the change in subscription plan takes effect?

The switch will take effect within 24 hours from the time the request was made.

Can the subscriber switch plan every day?

A subscriber can switch plan only once in every calendar month.

When is the affectivity of any change of plan/package?

Switching becomes available at the 1st day each month and can be triggered at any day within that month.


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