Original Pinoy DVDs For Sale

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Your favorite Kapamilya movies in original DVD is now available here at OnDemandTFC.
If you wish to order, select from the titles below and email us your orders to sales@ondemandtfc.com

Item Code DVD’s Price
R027000389 One more Chance $19.99
R027000392 Enteng Kabisote 4 $19.99
R027000401 Sakal Sakali Saklolo $19.99
R027000419 Supahpapalicious $19.99
R027000426 When Love Begins $19.99
R027000451 My Only U $19.99
R027000456 Ang Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat $19.99
R027000460 Love Me Again (Land Down Under) $19.99
R027000463 T2 (TENEMENT 2) $19.99
R027000465 Best Friends Forever (BFF) $19.99
R027000466 Villa Estrella $19.99
R027000469 And I Love You So $19.99
R027000476 In My Life $19.99
R027000486 Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry Go Round) $19.99
R027000492 I Love You Goodbye $19.99
R027000504 Miss You Like Crazy $19.99
R027000507 Babe I Love You $19.99
R027000509 Here Comes The Bride $19.99
R027000513 Cinco $19.99
R027000515 Noy $19.99
R027000524 Paano Ko Sasabihin $19.99
R027000525 Sa Yo Lamang $19.99
R027000526 I Do $19.99
R027000527 Till My Heartaches End $19.99
R027000528 My Amnesia Girl $19.99
R027000539 Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na To $19.99
R027000540 Dalaw $19.99
R027000549 Bulong $19.99
R027000551 Who’s That Girl $19.99
R027000552 Catch Me I’m In Love $19.99
R027000558 Pak Pak My Dr Kwak $19.99
R027000559 In The Name Of Love $19.99
R027000560 Forever And A Day $19.99
R027000561 The Adventures of Pureza (Queen of the Riles) $19.99
R027000562 Way Back Home $19.99
R027000564 No Other Woman $19.99
R027000566 Won’t Last A Day Without You $19.99
R027000567 Segunda Mano $19.99
R027000568 Enteng Ng Ina Mo $19.99
R027000569 A Mother’s Story $19.99
R027000570 My Cactus Heart $19.99
R027000571 Babae Sa Septic Tank $19.99
R027000572 Unofficially Yours $19.99
R027000573 My House Husband $19.99
R027000574 Corazon Ang Unang Aswang $19.99
R027000575 Every Breath U Take $19.99
R027000576 Born To Love You $19.99
R027000577 Kimmy Dora and The Temple of Kiyeme $19.99
R027000578 The Healing $19.99
R027000579 The Reunion $19.99
R027000580 Amorosa $19.99
R027000581 The Mistress $19.99
R027000582 Gandang Gabi Vice $19.99
R027000583 This Guy’s In Love With U Mare $19.99
R027000585 24/7 in love $19.99
R027000586 One More Try $19.99
R027000587 Sisterakas $19.99
R027000588 A Moment In Time $19.99
R027000589 It Takes a Man & a Woman $19.99
R027000590 Four Sisters & a Wedding $19.99
R027000591 Bakit Hindi ka Crush ng Crush Mo $19.99


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